72 Hours to Key West Charity Bike Ride is a great opportunity for people to work together doing something fun and worthwhile that makes a significant difference in someone’s life.  The donation of your time and talents makes such a positive difference and is essential to the success of the event.  72 Hours could not be a safe, enjoyable and successful event without a great deal of preparation ahead of time.  There are many details that need to be organized and checked.  Please see the list below for volunteer opportunities.  We would love to hear from you!

Computer Tasks: If you are comfortable with the computer and have the ability to do some research via internet, we could use your help!  You can work from home on your schedule and communicate your results via email.  In most cases we can provide the leads and sites to contact.

  • List 72 Hours to Key West on other bike ride sites
  • Contact bike clubs and inquire if they would link to our website and/or facebook page

Food Preparation: The day before the event, we prepare lunch, snacks and beverages for the riders to enjoy on their ride.  We gather at the Boys & Girls Club in Sarasota (exact time and date TBD) and prepare and pack all the food needed.

Fund Raising:  Families, Groups, Schools, Businesses and Individuals.  72 Hours is a charity ride that benefits The Tiny Hands Foundation.  Fundraising is the most important element to make this event successful.  Not a long-distance rider?  Fundraising is another way you can get on-board and participate.  Need ideas?

  • Hold a dime drive with your group or class
  • Organize a car wash, bake sale or doggie wash
  • Make a list and ask your friends or co-workers to support your efforts
  • Ask businesses that you frequent for their support
  • Hold a contest
  • Make a donation yourself and ask others to follow your example

Along the Way: 72 Hours is looking for fun, energetic and reliable volunteers to travel with the SAG (Support and Gear) Team.  Duties would include:

  • Assist in packing/unpacking SAG vehicles
  • Assist with registration of riders – first day
  • Assist in organizing riders each morning prior to ride
  • Set up/tear down snack & beverage stations along the way (every 25 miles)
  • Maintaining/rotating coolers
  • Assist in any complications (non-medical) during ride
  • Monitor riders
  • Assist riders at the end of each day
  • Take photos for the event and submit to committee after event

Nov 14th – 16th, 2019

Registration begins May 1, 2019

Eventbrite - 72 Hours to Key West - 280 Mile Charity Bike Ride

Benefiting the
Tiny Hands Foundation

Improving the quality of impoverished children’s lives in Southwest Florida.






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72 hours to key west


For someone who hadn’t yet explored southern Florida, this was an amazing and unique way to go about it – biking through the Everglades, next to the ocean, over long bridges, and ending in magical Key West! What an adventure! Even training for the ride was interesting. And to top it all off, I got to spend time with some great people.
Eric- St. Petersburg, FL
Kevin and Joanna are great even organizers. Their attention to detail made the ride even better than I could have ever expected. There is not a doubt in my mind that this ride will be on my calendar each year moving forward.
Leslie- Orlando, FL
The 72 hours to Key West ride is one of the best organized rides I have ridden. It was very well organized with SAG support and was a great opportunity to meet fellow cyclists. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and cannot wait to do it again next year.
Craig- Naples, FL
Amazing experience, great course, and great finish into Key West.. Kevin and Joanna are awesome people and organizers. We made friends and had a chance for a great accomplishment.
Emily- Orlando, FL
Thank you for an awesome trip!!!! Highly recommend this bike tour; Kevin and Joanna are the best ride leaders!!!!
Katie- St. Petersburg
Amazingly fun, well organized tour ride through spectacular vistas of the glades and the ocean with a great group of riders and organizers. Do not leave this opportunity unchecked on your bucket list!
Ron- Palm Harbour, FL
This is the ride for those that want to push themselves just a little bit, enjoy great vistas, water, some of the best folks around and a weekend of fun.
Court- Ft. Myers, FL
I drove 10 hours south looking for a new cycling challenge and instead had the ride of my life. A true bucket list experience! I can’t wait to go again next year!
John- Atlanta, GA
This event is fun because it’s not too hard and not too easy – nicely balanced for both the serious or semi-serious rider (I wouldn’t recommend for casual riders). Day 1 is quite challenging because of distance, potential heat and winds, with a pleasant start but a rugged finish that sets you up for days 2 and 3, which gradually become more beautiful and enthralling. The last 50 miles into Key West are scenically delightful, the 7-mile bridge being a particular highlight, and are an excellent preparation for your entry to Key West, and a well-deserved evening of celebrations!
Eric- Iowa
I was a bit skeptical and concerned about safety on Tamiami Trail and Krome Ave at first. However, the road conditions were not that bad, Tamiami Trail was one of the mst scenic rides I’ve ever done. The group was great and no one was ever dropped, everyone was looking out for each other and the experience as a whole exceeded my expectations.
Tod Landess- Miami